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chaos_report's Journal

Field reports of the ODS
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A comm devoted to fanfic for the CBS' show *Chaos*
This community is for storing the FanFic Field Reports of the continuing adventures of the ODS - Office of Disruptive Services - a division of CHAOS - Clandestine Administration and Oversight Services. These are the unofficial, unaired, off-the-record, never-to-be-admitted-to stories of the Last of the Old School Spies.

Only so much can be shown on a TV show: 1) They have to worry about fitting in all those commercials. 2) Sometimes there's just too much to the story that ends up on the cutting room floor if they tried. 3)We don't want them to be giving away state secrets on the TV. Now do we?

In recognition of the above, this community was created (anonymously, obviously) to better chronicle the trials and tribulations of being a spy. Especially the ones who don't play inside the rules. There's a lot more stories there.

Unlike Michael Dorset, Billy Collins, Casey Malick, and the new guy Rick Martinez, this community does have rules. They are to be obeyed or the Director will step in and erase whatever contributions do not fit with protocol.
Here are the rules. Learn them, Live them, Love them.

1) No Flaming. Be respectful. Your common-ground on any issue is love for Chaos - the TV show... - and that should win out over any squabbles. Hold hands, fa la la lah to your heart's content, but no name calling or other immature behavior. Reserve that for The Boys.

2) ALL FICTION posted here MUST be CHAOS-Centric. All Chaos, All the time. Cross-overs are allowed, so long as we have a healthy dose of Chaos to justify it.

3) Fiction here is green-lit to cover everything from adventures, dramas, drabbles, fluff-pieces, to filk. Here you will find Gen and/or Slash, as both have to abide by the following Director's rule #4, as well as Internet Rule 34.

4) This community is cleared for adult concepts. By moderator interpretation, this means that we can get up to an R rating without getting nervous. Anything that may be above that, you may provide links and synopsis to your own journal or other archive, but it will not be stored here.

5) Put all fiction behind an LJ cut. The headers - who, what, where, when, why, ratings, warnings, etc - go above the LJ cut. Graphic banners are allowed above the cut, but no more than 300x300, or similarly reasonable. (If you need assistance with the concept of LJ Cut, contact HR for the manual a moderator.)

5 & 3/4) This is what info should be in a header here. Not exactly mandatory, but very useful.

6) If you wish to post something here that isn't fic, include a drabble at the end as our payment for having tuned in to something not-fic on a fic-centric comm. It must still be a Chaos-drabble. In the event a drabble is not posted, members are welcome to call the OP out and demand a fic. That's just the rules.

7) The Director reserves the right to make up more rules as the whim strikes. Memos will be circulated as it becomes necessary.